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1000/250 Combo Pack

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1-1000 mL Pecan oil and 1-250 mL Balsamic vinegar

Kinloch's Pecan Oil has a neutral flavor that enhances the flavor of the food being prepared and picks up the taste of the seasonings for all types of food.  It can be used as a butter substitute for healthier cooking and with a small amount of butter added, the flavor of the original recipe will be preserved.  And, Kinloch Plantation Pecan Oil is a great oil base for your favorite salad dressing recipe.

Kinloch's Balsamic Vinegar is produced in Italy under strict standards using mostly cooked grape must.  It has earned the IGP seal which means that it is produced in the Modena, Italy, area and meets all the requirement of the IGP seal.  It has a unique blend of sweet and sour taste that allows it to enhance the flavor or many different foods from fruits and vegetable to meats to even ice cream.