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Kinloch Plantation Products 100% Virgin Pecan Oil is a delicious, healthy substitute for butter. Our pecan oil has a neutral flavor that enhances the flavor of the food being prepared, and picks up the taste of the seasonings & herbs used in cooking.

We cater to shop owners, specifically specialty food shops, groceries, and gift shops. Our attractive square bottle fits easily onto store shelves. We include an informative hang tag with each bottle, outlining the benefits, uses, and a few recipes for our pecan oil. Also included is a handy pour spout, providing a value-added feature for your customers to take advantage of (500mL and 750mL bottles only). You may also check back in the near future for information on our countertop displays and in-store signage, now in development.

Interested in using pecan oil in your restaurant or other foodservice establishment? Please contact us directly for details on foodservice quantities of pecan oil.

We ship our bottles of pecan oil in sturdy cardboard boxes, with the bottles separated by styrofoam inserts, to ensure their security and safe arrival. Individual and multiple bottle snug-fit styrofoam lined shipping containers are available as well. Please call or email us for more info.

The shelf life of our product is one year. Please store pecan oil away from excessive heat and light.

Our minimum order is one case, for any bottle size. Please check back soon for online wholesale ordering capabilities.

Kinloch Plantation Products 100% Virgin Pecan Oil is “The Healthy Oil for the Everyday Gourmet”. Our Pecan Oil has only 9.5% saturated fat compared to Olive Oil with 13.5%, Peanut Oil with 17%, Corn Oil with 13.7% & Butter with a whopping 66% saturated fat. Kinloch Pecan Oil has over 90% unsaturated fatty acids with almost equal components of monounsaturated (50%) & polyunsaturated (40%) providing a great balance between the two. All products sold by the case includes Free Shipping.
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